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The State Vs John Hayes is Lucy’s debut piece of writing for theatre. 


The State vs John Hayes

Huntsville Prison, Texas, 1959; Elyese Dukie is on Death Row for murdering her husband and her lover.

Tomorrow she goes to court for the last time. But tonight Elyese reveals the one thing she won’t tell the court or the string of psychiatrists sent to diagnose her: that she is not alone in her cell… John Hayes is in there with her.

Psychopath or seductress?

Murderer or manipulator?

Psychiatric hospital or the electric chair?

Lucy Roslyn State vs John Hayes
“I would do anything for someone I loved”

Angel Award for Artistic Excellence ­

Brighton Festival 2015


John Lloyd’s MUST SEE for theatre tragedy,

The Independent. Edinburgh Festival 2013 
"Astonishing... a very special, intriguing and disturbing piece of theatre ­ it may only be an hour in length but it's impact lasts

much longer" 
The Stage  

"Dangerous and thrilling, helmed by a complicated but arresting character. 60 minutes where you feel you’ve been struck right in the face by a piece of blistering theatre. " 
Grumpy Gay Critic  

"Within it's 60 minutes more is said about gender, identity, and female sexuality than many plays twice its length"
Female Arts  
“A compelling, twisted drama that I wished would never end”

Salford Online  
“A story of sexual confusion, forbidden love, and maybe ­ just maybe ­ a justified crime”
Fringe Guru 
“Utterly brilliant. Well researched and well written this play borrows from real life to create another world that lingers in one’s mind long after the curtains fall”
The Argus Guide

Lucy Roslyn State vs John Hayes

Lucy Roslyn’s striking one act, psychological thriller is based on extensive research into real-life killers. It received critical acclaim becoming an award winning production performing throughout the UK, London and New York.

The 2015 run was produced by award winning UK theatre company

Epsilon Productions

Directed by Jemma Gross

Image by Paul Hancock

Music by Joe Bennett

Sound by Sophie Cotton

Stage managed by Chris Silvester

  • The Hen and Chickens (2012)

  • Edinburgh C Nova (2013)

  • The Ustinov Studio Theatre Royal Bath (2014)

  • The Lowry Manchester

  • Otherplace Brighton Festival

  • The Kings Head London (2015)

  •  OSH New York (2016). 

State vs John Hayes Poster


Lucy Roslyn and Madison Clare in Pennyroyal - credit Helen Murray

"I think of my body sometimes like it's a spooky hotel, and I'm just haunting it. 

Like, I was a guest in the hotel, and then I died."

When Daphne is diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency at the age of nineteen, her sister Christine helps in the only way she knows how: by donating her eggs. But as the years go by what seemed a simple gesture of love begins twist their relationship. 

Inspired by Edith Wharton's striking 1922 novella The Old Maid comes a new story about sisterhood, enduring love and regrets many years in the making. 

Following the cancellation of Orlando going to New York, the same team collaborated over lockdown to create this play. It premiered at the Finborough Theatre in London to critical acclaim.

Directed by Josh Roche

Written by Lucy Roslyn

Starring Madison Clare and Lucy Roslyn

Produced by Jessie Anand Productions

Lights by Cheng Keng

Music by Hugh Sheehan

Set Design by Sophie Thomas

Design Associate Kit Hinchcliffe

Stage Manager Kit Fowler 

Pennyroyal 1920x1080 white (1).jpg

"And we are gripped. And we are involved. And we care... beautiful to behold" 



"Poetic in it's use of words and exquisite in it's execution" Close-up Culture


"Lays a strong claim to be considered play of the year"

AKH Loves Theatre


"by far the most enjoyable new play I have encountered for a long time"



"Roslyn and Clare are quite extraordinary"

The Spy In The Stalls


"Sharply funny"

London Pub Theatres


"A beautiful, moving and thoughtful study into a deeply personal relationship"

Broadway World



Written and performed by Lucy Roslyn

Directed by Josh Roche

Design by Sophie Thomas

Produced by Jessie Anand

Lights by Peter Small

Sound by Kieran Lucas 

Orlando 1980x1020 title WEB.jpg

Brits Off broadway 2020 winner

"I'm sick to death of this particular self. I want another."

Have you ever lived outside yourself? Have you ever dreamed of escaping your identity, or yearned to leave behind those definitions handed down to you: loud or quiet, male or female, straight, gay, working/middle/upper class? Lucy Roslyn's new play is the story of a person looking for escape, a person desperate to leave behind the identitarian bullshit of 2019. In 1928 Virginia Woolf imagined her own freedom through the character of Orlando. Heartbroken by her affair with Vita Sackville-West, Woolf created a young boy born in Elizabethan England, who lives and loves, writes and rewrites through four hundred years, ending her days as a woman in the twentieth century.


Photo by Helen Maybanks

"There is an intelligent subtlety about the show which is down to Josh Roche’s direction.... Ultimately we have a self-penned acting masterclass here which is gripping and understated at the same time. " ✭✭✭✭✭ - LondonTheatre1


“Roslyn proves that she is a storyteller at heart, and…wholly engrosses the audience in a way that is difficult to do in a society obsessed with Netflix shows and cinematic productions.” ✭✭✭✭ - The Upcoming

“[Roslyn’s] Orlando is a deeply moving tale that tackles love and gender politics and mixes them with a passion for literature and the classics, confirming Roslyn a gorgeous storyteller.” ✭✭✭✭ - Broadway World

"Roslyn is a completely captivating and magnetic performer. There is no fourth wall, and no chance to take your eyes off her – but you wouldn’t want to even if you could."  ✭✭✭✭ - Fest Magazine

ORLANDO debuted for six sold out shows at Vault Festival 2019, it then performed at the Pleasance, Cellar, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, going on to win the Brits Off Broadway Award to perform in the 2020 New York Season... (then the pandemic happened)

To find out more about award winning director Josh Roche:



MASTER1_v2_Ef_without type.jpg

"A masterclass in the art of monologue"

Edinburgh Guide


"The perfect blend of darkly comic, brutally emotional and bitterly cynical, Showmanship's beating heart is put on full display.... An emotional tour-de-force"

Broadway Baby


"Sassy, thoughtful and darkly witty.... a captivating, thoroughly bewitching hour"

The List


"Hypnotic and masterful"

West End Wilma

"Sends the audience out in a state of wonderment"

Bouquets and Brickbats

"Remarkably poetic"


Broadway Baby (Brighton)

“People will pay to believe that anything is possible”


Written and performed by Lucy Roslyn

Directed by Jamie Firth

Image by Paul Hancock

Sound design by Chris Silvester

Edinburgh collaborator Chiara Ciabattoni

1935. Dust Bowl America. As the worst recorded dust storm in history is about to hit - a storm which will come to be known as The End of the World - a tinpot Circus rolls into town. Myra Collins, the fortune-teller, is plying her trade, for there is trade here to be done.

People are desperate for even the smallest sign of hope, and Myra is no different. But these are desperate times,

and hope comes at a price... 

"Easy  money, for an old fraud like me"

A darkly funny, one act psychological thriller based on research into charlatan psychics throughout history. Laced with poignancy and devilry, ​"Showmanship"​ is the next circus installment by multi award-winning BoonDog Theatre. 

Debuting at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, going on to become a critically acclaimed, sell out show during Edinburgh Fringe 2018. It was chosen to perform in Theatre503 "Best of the Fest" season 2018,

Dumfries Festival 2019 and Brighton Fringe 2019.



"I'm the only one who hears you Goody. I'm the only one listening"

Winners of Les Enfants Terribles Greenwich Partnership Award, 2017, Goody premiered in 2017 at the Pleasance Courtyard Edinburgh and Greenwich Theatre London. This striking play tells the story of a complicated and heartfelt relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee. 

Based on research into performing animals, both past and in the present day, with special thanks to Monkey World and the ape sanctuaries of the UK. 

Written by Lucy Roslyn


Jesse Rutherford as Frances

Lucy Roslyn as Goody

Directed by Jamie Firth

Image by Paul Hancock

Sound design by Chris Silvester

with special thanks to Sean Browne

1934. Dust Bowl America. Backstage at the travelling circus we uncover the complex relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee, Goody. Marooned in a world she does not comprehend, Goody finds comfort with her only companion... her trainer Frances.

How do they communicate? How to the cohabit? Who is in Control? 

See the Elephant script

Mervyn Stutter's Pick Of The Fringe 2017.

"Wonderfully directed, written, acted and staged. See this show and see your own humanity."

Fringe Review MUST SEE SHOW 

"A timeless story, fantastically well told by BoonDog Theatre"

EdFringe Review


"... a hidden gem of the 2017 Fringe season. Goody is, at its very core, incredible theatre. I cannot recommend it highly enough." EdFringe Review


"Two of the finest performances at the fringe... Goody is a brutal display of animal cruelty and human compassion"

Broadway Baby


"Lucy Roslyn’s performance as eponymous chimp (Goody) is among the most astute and well-observed performances I have seen in recent years... A masterclass in character drama."

730 Review


"Roslyn is, quite simply, breathtaking... a wonderful double-act that is simultaneously life-affirming and heart-wrenching."

Theatre Bubble

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